sometimes we make the things we imagine


from re-wiring a lamp with a more tasteful switch to entirely custom art installations we love being a part of making something a little better from the smallest details to the more impactful statements. we believe it matters. 

kenny is naturally talented at  building and construction both normal and eccentric projects. he has been on staff at anthropologie as a display artist for over 15 years; he has been helping execute jennifer's ideas for just as long--from the mundane to quite bizare; and he has always had something hes been working on for himself since he was a child.


we occasionally take out an slr and a prime lens to shoot photos of what we've been up to. but lately we just grab our phones when we see something lovely or our kids doing something weird. i mean cute. 

jennifer was a professional photographer a million years ago. primarily shooting weddings and portraits. kenny was often her second shooter or assistant. jennifer's favorite things to photograph have always been details. everything from the texture on a fiberglass chair at the laundry mat-- a friends second hand books and trinkets-- a charming jewlery collection--and occasionally the strangest guest at the dinner party. 

sometimes a solid camera and a beautiful lens warrent the extra time and care it takes to truly capture the magic, in those cases jennifer will re-visit that part of her education. but there are so many things she loves more that its more likely you will find her immersed in one those. although if you ask her about that time of her life, be prepaired to talk about the history of photojournism, the wonder of traditonal and current pre and post production photo editing, the elevation and transformation of  wedding production and expectations-- specifically its impact on photography in the last 20 years. she is a nerd at heart and loves the history of the medium possibly as much as its practical function


for most of jennifer's childhood the answer to "what do you want to be when you grow up?" was an artist. she now realizes it wasn't so much that was what she wanted to be, but what she already was and is. she is hopelessly courious about learning new mediums, techniques and skills. sometimes very poorly, and other times quite well. in most cases its a delightful and entertaining either way. her primary strength is in the creative process--both the tangeble and more theoretical and abstract. she is as likely to be lost in her own world painting as talking with friends about the essential nature of art, craft, and general creativity in our society. 





our home is often a mess of yarn, fabric, paper, beads, glitter, quirky odds and ends. a basket over there with a blanket in process for a friends new baby, a pile of papers on the table being cut into peices for a holiday garland, a pink tinsel christmas tree still up in march in the living room because jennifer is still transforming it from its original very full 90s classic shape into a skinny wild spruce. when jennifer was little, Mormor (her grandmother) would give her a ball of yarn, and she would be busy for hours creating a giant web across momor's living room. in colloge a friends grandmother gave her a large bag of vintage yarn of varrious lengnths--so she crocheted them into colorful affectionatly called: "ugly" beanies. jennifer and kenny have made numorouse hand made crafted backdrops for weddings, photobooths, events, and holidays. 

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